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♥ Assalamualaikum and Hi peeps ♥
Hoolaaa holaa, tonight i feel very bored. Derr nothing can do. Exam  is over. If not, i used this time fr studi. Haha but now, nothing can i do. Btw, i miss my budakk choirr so muchyyy! Miss to song togther-getherrr. Next yr, myb tkbuleh take part dh sb i must berperang with Mr.Pmr. Arghh! So fast time past. Hum, I decided to stay in hostel next yr but, Idk laa. Dilemaa =='

You know whatt, this Tuesdayy, pnya laa excited nk pki baju blink2. Suddenly, ter-lupaa prefect kn byk kja. So, kena pki baju pj. Damn~ But nvm, tkkesah sgt pun. Harini dkt Asma, ad hari kantin. Wahh, i miss asmaa so much. Since scndry in nature, i rarely jengukk Asma. Haha so many sweet moment with my frens. And also my little juniorss. Suwittnyerr! 

Life must go on, emo nyaa. Haha okayy, gtg. See in the next post. Thankss to all readers, kbyee. Muah muahh :*